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Tax consulting

Economic and financial counseling services are our focus here at RVA Ravà & Associates: thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified specialists, the firm can ensure precise service and strategic development for our clients’ companies.
Starting from the analysis of each of our customer’s unique situations, risk assessment and growth prospects up to and including concrete support for the execution of investment activities: our firm is a great ally for companies that want to grow and expand their business in Italy and abroad.

Accounting services and VAT

  • processing of VAT accounting;
  • routine bookkeeping, simplified balances and minimum / lump-sum tax contributions required by law;
  • organization of accounts managed directly by the customer -with periodic checks – and management review;
  • preparation and updating of required books and the ledgers of the company;
  • preparation and electronic submission to the registration of corporations of company budgets and balances including explanatory notes, management report, minutes of approval and the provisions of the civil code;
  • electronic F24 payments;
  • managing performance and formalities at the register of the chamber of commerce building, assistance with completing the forms necessary for the issuance of licenses, various permits and certificates;
  • periodic and annual budgets - consolidated group financial statements - audits - analysis costs and analysis flows;
  • reporting of research projects funded by public bodies and the European Community.

Tax planning

Our firm assists individuals and businesses in the resolution of tax issues related to the transfer of residence, sale of investments, financial investments and in general with the optimization of their tax system. As with all family organizations, corporate assets, tax and other corporate holdings connected with management are dealt with in regards to the protection and generational transfer of family wealth. 

RVA can also provide tax advice in relation to the establishment and administration of trusts and family foundations.
Our firm assists corporate clients who wish to propose incentive schemes for their employees in order to optimize their tax terms, such as stock option plans or for memberships in supplementary pension schemes etc.


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Relationship management and operations abroad are one of the main focuses that, together with the know-how of our qualified and expert consultants, has allowed our firm to grow and develop consistently and to satisfy the needs of clients from countries such as Holland, England, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

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