Support for starting companies and building relationships with agencies

All the support you need for the business of today and tomorrow

Support for starting companies and building relationships with agencies

RVA Ravà & Associates, thanks to the professionalism of its accountants, fiscal specialists, auditors and legal advisers, follows and assists new entrepreneurs through every stage of the foundation of a new venture.
Starting from the founding idea and the overall objectives of a new enterprise, our studio provides all the necessary support to develop and implement a business project following a development plan, advising which business structure should be used (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation), the necessary capital to start new activities and much more. This support often turns into a real partnership with the client and is then fostered throughout the life of a company as our firm offers support for all major financial decisions.

All-round support:

  • Consultancy for business feasibility and for estimating capital investment requirements.
  • Business plan elaboration to verify margins and income tax requirements.
  • Evaluation for company property management.
  • Advice on the signing of contracts for the sale of businesses and real estate.
  • Advice and Banking assistance for mortgages, loans and capital for starting new activities. Customer support in seeking concessions and funding provided by public and private structures.
  • Support for dealing with the required authorities and necessary procedures for the issue of administrative permissions to carry out specific activities and practices. Preparation of municipal forms for conducting business, sales from home and e-commerce.

Relationships with agencies

A new company, when starting, must deal with a multitude of public and private entities and these relationships must be managed strategically and professionally. The bureaucracy and the documentation that must be produced should not be an obstacle to the development of business activity. Thanks to the support of our firm, your company can rely on complete management of:
  • Payments and compliance with authorities and social security.
  • Assistance in the assessment of labor inspection, social security and insurance.
  • Litigation management for labor and social security.
  • Management of relationships with the institute of assistance and welfare (requests for DURC, installment plan contributions, administrative litigation, suspension and relief).



Relationship management and operations abroad are one of the main focuses that, together with the know-how of our qualified and expert consultants, has allowed our firm to grow and develop consistently and to satisfy the needs of clients from countries such as Holland, England, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

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