Litigation assistance

Alongside the client, with a multidisciplinary approach

Litigation assistance

Assistance and representation in tax disputes 
The support that our firm provides its customers is aimed at the growth of their businesses: our services in the case of litigation are based upon integrated counseling support that involves a highly-trained team of experts that offer a multidisciplinary approach.
Specifically, this activity combines assistance for dealing with tax authorities in the pre-litigation phase to help prevent tax disputes with the addition of consultation and support during tax audits conducted by competent bodies.
Our firm specializes in the area of tax assistance and representation in various sets of proceedings before various tax commissions and also provides business mentoring, with the help of specialized lawyers, in cases supervised by the Supreme Court.
Tax assessment assistance, PVC and tax collection
Our firm specializes in assisting in cases of fiscal supervision by the agencies of the State and various types of tax audits (income assessment, field studies, abuse of rights, inductive investigations, analytical tests, real estate assessments, transfer pricing, dividend washing ).
This assistance involves all stages of tax audits including activity inspection at the offices of the taxpayer to the display of documentation at financial offices, management and assistance during the tax settlement process and the establishment of any tax litigation.
During tax audits RVA Ravà & Associates coordinates all relationships with the tax authorities and the customer is assisted and supported at every stage of the process.
Our assistance also covers the collection of taxes by the revenue agency or other entities responsible for fee collection. In this event an analysis of the various deadlines, present and future, related to the tax audit is conducted.



Relationship management and operations abroad are one of the main focuses that, together with the know-how of our qualified and expert consultants, has allowed our firm to grow and develop consistently and to satisfy the needs of clients from countries such as Holland, England, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

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